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Hector King Hunter Park

Hector King Hunter Park

Address: 5th Street and 3rd Ave. West
Hector King-Hunter Pioneer Park is an oasis in the prairie. Stroll along the pathway past color displays and water features.

Address: 5th Street & 3rd Avenue West

Hector King-Hunter Pioneer Park, in Hanna Alberta is an oasis in the prairie. Established by dedicated volunteers, the Town recently accepted the request to maintain the 3 acre park.  This park provides citizens and visitors alike with a pleasant place to wander or rest. Stroll along the pathway past colorful floral displays and water features. Or leave the path to relax under shady trees or shrubs.

Named for one of its dedicated volunteers, Hector King-Hunter, the park holds memories for many people as numerous weddings, picnics, photo shoots, church and family events have all taken place within its lush foliage. The outdoor stage from the nearby Community Centre is a natural amphitheater setting, allowing viewers to enjoy live music and entertainment during special events such as Canada Day. Keeping with tradition, the Hanna Young Lions Club recently constructed and donated a large gazebo with seating for 10 in the south east portion of the park.  The next time you are in Hanna ease your tensions and embrace the peaceful atmosphere by visiting Hector King-Hunter Pioneer Park on 5th Street and 3rd Avenue West.  It’s “Worth the Drive”.