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Swimming Pool

Phone Number: (403) 854-3983
Address: 501 3rd Street West


Dates of Interest 2020 to come!

Lessons are dependent upon minimum registration.

Payment is available by Cash, Debit or Cheque. Credit Cards are not accepted.

June 10 – 14: Session 1
June 17 – 21: Session 2
July 8 – 12: Session 3
July 15 – 19: Session 4
July 22 – 26: Session 5
July 29 – Aug 2: Session 6 (Still spots available)
Aug 12 -16: Session 7 (Still spots available)
Private Lessons may be available during the above session dates.
Private Swimming Lessons available: August 6th – 9th (9 am-12 pm)

Red Cross Learn to Swim and Lifesaving Courses are also offered.
Bronze Medallion: July 2 – 5 ($175)
Bronze Cross: August 6 – 9 ($140) (Still spots available)
Bronze Medallion/Bronze Cross Combined ($270)

    No requirement to finish swimming lessons, though completing swim kids is recommended. Bronze Medallion is the first course required to become a lifeguard, and is the prerequisite to Bronze Cross which is required to teach swimming lessons. If you are interested in working at a pool needs to start with this course!

    Further information if required by calling the Pool.

    The outdoor pool is utilized for various activities which include: swimming lessons, public swimming, aqua-fit classes and organized swim activities, just to name a few.

    • Children under 9 years of age MUST be accompanied by a person 12 years of age or older.
    • In the event that there is no pool rental the facility will be closed and there will be no staff at the pool.
    • Alberta Health regulations require that all infants must wear disposable swim diapers while in the pool area.
    • Family Rate includes members of the same immediate family, one of whom is a parent, legal guardian or grandparent accompanying a dependent under the age of 18. Max 2 adults.


    How much does it cost to use the pool?

    Rates vary depending on age, and whether you are purchasing a pass, a plunge card or a single admission. Please view the pool rates and fees for more information.

    How can I register for swimming lessons?

    Registration begins in the middle of May before the pool opens. Be sure to watch the website, the Hanna Herald and social media for details on dates and times. Additional registrations will be accepted at the pool following registration night.

    Do I pay for my five year old child?

    No, rates begin at age 6.  Additional pool rates can be found on the rates page.

    Where do I find the schedules?

    Schedules can be downloaded from this page and picked up at the pool or at the Town Office.

    Why must I be at "arms reach" with my child?

    Even though the Town of Hanna employs Lifeguards, they can’t be watching every child all the time.  Your children are ultimately safer if you are nearby to help them in the event they need it.

    My four year old swims like a fish! Way better than my 8 year old! Who decides if they can go in the pool without me? What age or skill level is used?

    According to the National Lifesaving Society, any child 8 and under needs to be accompanied by someone 12 or older and within arms reach.  Staff can administer a ‘swim test’ to assess if the child has the kills to be able to swim unassisted in the water.  If the child, who is 8 or younger is successful, they still need to be accompanies but do not need to be within arms reach.  Please consult with the pool staff for clarification.

    I would like to be able to take my 5 year old grandson to the kiddie pool to play while I read my book in the shade of the covered benches. Do I have to pay?

    Yes, you are still required to pay because you still need to be in the water within arms reach of your child.  The size and abilities of the swimmer may allow a broader use of the pools.  Lifeguards have the ability to assess the skills, abilities and comfort levels.