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Water & Sewer

The Town of Hanna Utility Department provides for the distribution and collection of water and sewer. Garbage collection and disposal are contracted services.

The fees to provide Water, Sewer, Garbage collection and disposal are invoiced bi-monthly every second month) by the Town of Hanna.  The charges (current as of January 1, 2019) for providing these services are as follows:

  1. Water – The fixed operating charge to provide the service to the property is $55 bi-monthly.  Water used over “0” cubic meters charged $2.78 per cubic meter. Water source and treatment information is provided below. 
  2. Sewer – The fixed operating charge to provide sewage collection and treatment is $30 bi-monthly.  Based on water consumption, an additional $0.30 per cubic meter is charged for over “30”cubic meters of water used. 
  3. Garbage Collection – Residential – The fixed operating charge to pick up a maximum of 3 bags per week is $11 bi-monthly.  
  4. Garbage Collection – Commercial – The Town does not provide commercial garbage collection.
  5. Regional Waste Fee – The fixed operating charge to dispose of solid waste is $33.50 bi-monthly.

Minimum Residential Utility Bill:  with water at zero consumption and including sewer, garbage and regional waste fees totals $129.50 for a bi-monthly billing. 

Minimum Commercial Utility Bill:  with water at zero consumption and including sewer and regional waste fees totals $118.50 for a bi-monthly billing.

The Town of Hanna offers a variety of utility payment methods.

View the Town of Hanna Utility Policy:

Water Supply

The source of water is the Red Deer River. The reservoir capacity, measured in treated substance, is 4,546,000 litres (1,200,926 gallons). The water is treated by the Henry Kroeger Regional Water Services Commission which supplies treated water to Hanna, Oyen, Starland County and parts of Special Areas, among others. 

Is your Water Bill Higher Then Expected?

The Utility Rate bylaw sets a base rate of $2.78 per cubic metre. Did you know that one cubic meter is 1,000 litres or 220 gallons?

The following gives approximate costs based on average consumption rates:

Use Unit Avg Volume (m3) Cost in Dollars 2019 Cost in Dollars 2018
Low Flow Toilet per flush 0.007 $0.019 $0.019
Standard Toilet per flush 0.020 $0.056 $0.054
Standard Bathtub per fill 0.140 $0.39 $0.68
Oversized Bathtub per fill 0.250 $.70
Washing Machine per full load   0.200 $0.56  $0.544
Dishwasher per load 0.050  $0.139 $0.136
Shower (low flow head) 10 min.  0.090 $0.25  $0.245
Shower (standard head) 10 min.  0.275  $0.76  $0.75
Lawn Sprinkler – low flow   per hour 0.950 $2.64  $2.60
Underground irrigation per hour 2.720  $7.56  $7.40


High Consumption? Here are possible problems.

Use                                              Volume (m3/day) Cost per Day Cost per Year
Leaking Faucet – slow 0.070 $0.19 $69.50 
Leaking Faucet – steady 0.115 $0.32 $116.80 
Leaking Faucet – stream 0.450 $1.12 $456.62
Running Toilet 2.50 $6.95 $2,536.75 


Although a leaky toilet may seem like a minor issue, it can dramatically increase your water consumption. Checking for leaks and fixing them promptly can help lower your water consumption.