Wednesday, December 11, 2019
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Turtle Park

Address: 306 3rd Ave. East

The sign at the entrance says 'Kin Playground' but most residents fondly refer to this playground as 'Turtle Park'.  This fenced play park boasts equipment suited to ages 2 - 5, with lots of room to run.  The land for the park was initially acquired by the Town of Hanna in 1957.  The Hanna Kinsmen Club installed the initial playground equipment and the Town of Hanna has maintained and made improvements over the years.  In 1997, the greenspace area of the park was downsized to make room for much needed residential lots, making way for the development of three new houses on that block.  Much of the equipment initially installed has been removed and replaced with new items so little people can enjoy a slide, teeter-totter, swing set and of course the parks' namesake, the big climbing turtle.

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