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The future of Hanna is very positive.

The future of Hanna is very positive.

May 17, 2019

Spring is finally here! It’s a great time to get out and enjoy the walking paths. Did you know that there is outdoor fitness equipment at the J.C. Charyk School? If you are looking to get in shape it’s a great amenity that is free for the public.

This is the time of year that council looks at spring budget adjustments as we now have our final assessment numbers. In our original budget in December we proposed a 1% increase to both the residential and non-residential tax rates. The assessment shows that there has been a significant decrease in overall residential values, but an increase in non-residential. As a result, council is proposing a 1% increase to the residential tax rate and a 1% decrease in the non-residential. So, what does that mean to the taxes you will pay this year? For the most part, residential property owners will pay the same or less this year compared to last year, depending on the amount your assessment changed.

During the first couple of days of Easter week council spent time together to discuss strategic planning. I must say I was very impressed with the discussions we had and the unity that this council has. Our vision is very homogenous in that with our leadership the future of Hanna is very positive.

Finally I want to remind you that the Mayor’s Garden Party will take place during Senior’s Week on June 4th, please register at the town office so that we have a good understanding of the attendance. Town staff have put together another incredible event for your enjoyment.


Chris Warwick, Mayor