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Garbage Collection & Waste

Phone Number: (403)-854-4433
Waste Site Phone Number: (403)-854-3308
Hours of Operation: Tuesday – Saturday; 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

Garbage Collection

Residential garbage is collected weekly on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday depending on where you live in the Town of Hanna. See Map:

Industrial and commercial garbage is collected as contracted.

Each household pays a bi-monthly fee for solid waste (on the utility bill) which entitles you to a collection of up to 3 bags of garbage per week. There is a standard sized bag limit (27″ x 38″), at a cost of $18.00 bi-monthly.

Garbage Preparation Tips

  1. The Town of Hanna has a 3 bag per household limit for garbage collection.
  2. Garbage and waste must be drained and securely wrapped and properly tied.  It must be in a container to protect it from animals or birds.
  3. Waste paper and cardboard must be tied in bundles and placed within or beside the garbage or waste receptacle for removal.  Each bundle counts as a unit of garbage.
  4. Clippings, lawn cuttings, shrubs and trees are to be compacted and securely tied in bundles or placed in garbage cans or boxes and placed beside the waste receptacles. They cannot exceed 50 pounds (22.5kg) in weight or 1.5 meters (5 feet) in length.  Again, each bundle, bag or box counts as a unit of garbage.

Garbage above the limit can be taken to the Hanna Waste Transfer Site at no charge. The Waste Transfer Site also has facilities for recycling.

If you have any questions regarding the utility billing, please contact the Town of Hanna Office.


Waste Disposal

Hanna residents have access to both the Waste Transfer Site and the Youngstown Landfill. Each site has regulations and lists prohibited materials. Please research the appropriate collection point before disposing of your refuse. * A bi-monthly fee of $33.50 is charged on residential utility bills to pay for the operation of the Big Country Regional Waste Authority.

For more information about the Waste Transfer Site and the Youngstown Landfill:  Big Country Waste Management Commission.

Spring & Fall Clean-Up

Spring cleanup is typically done right after the May long weekend.  People are encouraged to take their own yard waste and heavy items to the waste transfer site but for those who are unable, the Town conducts two annual cleanups to assist.

  • Items must be in 4′ (foot) sections, bundled or in bags to be picked up.
  • Loose branches, leaves and soggy cardboard will not be picked up.
  • Any debris bundled and piles neatly beside the garbage cans will be picked up.
Fridge or Freezer Removal
  1. Leave your name, address and $20.00 for the Waste Disposal Site fee at the Town Office.
  2. Set the appliance beside your garbage.


The Hanna Waste Transfer Site has facilities for recycling of cardboard, paper, compost materials, electronics, glass, tin and paint. There are also containers for mixed paper, glass and tin in the parking lot at Super A.  Plastics are not recycled at this time.

If you have any questions regarding the utility billing, please contact the Town Office.


Can I recycle?

Of course! The Town of Hanna encourages recycling. Recycling bins for mixed paper and cardboard can be found in the 600 block of 2nd Avenue West (near Super A/Pharmasave).  People can deposit their recycling or it can be taken to the Waste Transfer Site along with any electronics and paint.

Also, bottles and cans can be recycled at the Bottle Depot at 410 – 4th Ave. East.

Where is the waste transfer site and what are the hours of operation?

If you follow Palliser Trail North, right out of Hanna you will come to the Waster Transfer Site on the East side of the road fondly known as The Snake Trail.

The Hanna site is open Tuesday – Saturday 9:00 am – 5:00 pm.  

The phone number at the site is (403) 854-3308 but the staff there are often outside working.

I am leaving for the winter. Can I request that my water be turned off?

Similar to other utility services, the Town of Hanna has implemented a fixed operating charge.  The fixed operating charge is the cost to provide the service to the property, regardless of whether the service is utilized or not.  The owner will be responsible for the fixed operating charges for the service at all times. The Town will not reduce the fixed costs for vacant properties for sale or extended vacations.

I'm moving to Hanna and I need water, sewer and garbage pickup. Who do I talk to?

To ensure your garbage is picked up and your water will be turned on and billed correctly, please contact the Town Office.

The contact information can be found at the bottom of every website page. 

Portions of a billing period will be pro-rated accordingly.

How do I know when my garbage pick up is scheduled?

Residential garbage is picked up each Tuesday or Wednesday. Please consult the to see your pickup day. 

What are my payment options?

We accept cash, cheque, debit, online bill payments and pre-authorized payments.  Detailed information can be found here.

I am working on my home and need the water disconnected. Who do I call?

Please contact the Town Office. Except in an emergency, a minimum of two working days notice is required. There is a fee of $50.00 to disconnect and/or reconnect the service.