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Council Meetings

Presentations to Council

There are two times during each regular council meeting that provide an opportunity to make a presentation to Council. Groups or individuals may approach Council as a delegation according to the information provided below. The Public Presentation portion of each regular council meeting is a time set aside for members of the public to bring forward information to Council that may not need immediate resolution.


If you feel strongly about a public issue or a local concern, you are encouraged to share your information and thoughts with Council. Because many issues can be resolved at the administrative level, it is recommended that you discuss your concerns with administration prior to appearing before Council. Town staff can provide you with valuable background information on the issue in question and/or recommend appropriate steps you can take that may remove the need to appear before Council or help set the stage for a meaningful and constructive meeting with Council.

Requesting an Appearance Before Council

In order to appear as a delegation at a regular Council meeting, you should submit a request, via email, fax, regular mail or in person, addressed to the Mayor and Council. Your request should include:

  • the subject matter you wish to present and a summary your concerns;
  • any relevant background information to support your comments; and
  • the name and contact information of the designated presenter(s).

Your information must be received in the week prior to the Council meeting date you wish to attend. This gives staff sufficient time to review your request, advise the Mayor and Council and, if necessary, conduct background research into the issue. Town staff will confirm to the date and time you are invited to address Council, the length of your presentation and whether or not any audio/visual support is required.

Please note that all delegations’ letters and any accompanying documents are included as a part of the regular Council agenda package, which is published on the Town’s website and available for public viewing at the Town Office and at the Council meeting.

If you have an issue of importance but do not feel the need to speak in front of Council, you may address a letter to administration or to one of your elected officials. All letters are addressed in a timely manner.

Appearing Before Council

Delegations are scheduled on the Council meeting agenda and the Mayor, or Deputy Mayor in his absence, will invite representatives to the podium or table to speak. Presenters have a limited amount of time to share their concerns, usually 15 minutes.

Following the presentation, Council may or may not ask questions of the delegation, as well as of administration, or provide comment with respect to the information presented. Upon closure of the discussion, Council may make a decision or refer the item to the appropriate Town department for further input or advice.


Depending on the issue and degree of information provided, Council may decide on an action immediately or take time for further review. If you would like clarification on an issue discussed, the decision made or the status of the decision, please contact administration, which will be able to provide you with the appropriate information.

Council Meeting Packages