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Construction Boom


In the late 1970s construction work was high in Hanna and this brought an influx of people to Hanna. Due to limited accommodation, the museum allowed people to park trailers on some open land behind the museum. The services provided were few. In 1983 – 84 the trailer park was upgraded as a joint project between the Hanna Historical Society and the Town of Hanna. The trailer park now is full serviced with water, sewer and power facilities.

As a result of the new subdivision, a new park called Winkler Park was built in 1984 by the Nova Corp, as a work project.

Recently the East Goose Park was upgraded as the town installed a new irrigation system, walkways, fenced the area and planted trees.

Plans have also been discussed for making the CNR Dam into a recreational area.

Consequently one can see that as the town of Hanna progresses so too its recreational facilities advance. Hanna has the following recreational facilities and programs: golf, curling, figure skating, baseball, hockey, swimming, soccer, gymnastics and tennis. If you have any questions about the facilities you can find the town recreational department in the Community Services area of the town office.

Text courtesy of The Hanna Herald