Saturday, December 14, 2019
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Bird Hunting

Hanna is placed "smack-dab" in the middle of the largest migration route and staging area in Alberta. The migration routes of four different species of geese intersect in the immediate Hanna area. Thousands of Canada (Lesser and Greater), White-fronted, Snow and Ross' geese fill the Hanna skies from early September to late November providing some awesome hunting experiences.

The terrain allows for the option of hunting over or on water as well as field shoots. The Hanna area is also known for its exceptional duck hunting opportunities. Nineteen different species of ducks are known to frequent the area; however, hunting pressure in concentrated on the later migrations of large northern Mallard and Pintail.

The Hanna area is a good spot for Canada Goose, White Fronted Goose ( aka: Speckled Belly Goose) and the Snow Goose.  In recent years, the Snow Goose has overpopulated so it is the only bird that can be hunted on Sundays.

District Fish and Wildlife Officer
(403) 854-5540

How to Be a Bird Guide?
There is no legal requirement to be a bird guide.  For more information on hunting in Alberta visit the Alberta Guide to Hunting Regulations.

Hunting Access
The majority of the land surrounding Hanna is privately owned or leased thus requiring permission for access. Maps detailing the owners or leasers may be obtained through:

Hanna Special Areas #2 Office
Box 820
Hanna, AB   T0J 1P0
Phone: (403)-854-5600