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B.P.O. and The Royal Purple

B.P.O. and The Royal Purple

The Order of the Royal Purple was accepted as the auxiliary of the B.P.O. Elks in 1914. The first Lodge was formed and from this group of ladies the national governing body, the Supreme Lodge of Canada was formed. They held their first meeting in Vancouver in June, 1915. Alice Morrow was the first Supreme Honored Royal Lady of this fraternal organization. We now have 375 lodges in Canada with over 17,000 members.

The Hanna Lodge #258 was instituted into District 13 on February 8, 1961.

Past Honored Lady Onagh Hoeght of Calgary initiated the charter members assisted by District Deputy Pearl Bell and a drill team from Coronation and Drumheller. After initiation the first slate of officers were installed. Honored Royal Lady, Lillian French; Associated Honored Royal Lady, Betty Herold; Loyal Lady, Marlene Zeamer; Lecturing Lady, Violet Ulmer; Secretary, Martha Robinson; Treasurer, Charlotte Dembicki; Third year trustee, Marjorie Lunde; Second year trustee, Agnes Cook; Historian, Anne Cherkas; Chaplin; Cora Oliver, Conductress, Vivian Maynes; Inner Guard, Marilyn Thompson; Outer Guard, Tilly Schultz; and Pianist, Mary Meehan.

Other charter members initiated were Laura Pfaff, Cora Ironside, Carol Stubbs, Lydia Stensland, Sarah Ryckman, Kathleen Grover, Anna Palamarchuk, Thelma Maetche, Anne Chomyn, Gladys Nessman, and Frances Cherkas.

The Order of the Royal Purple elect a new slate of officers each year.

The Honored Royal Ladies were as follows, starting with 1961: Lillian French, Betty Herold, Margaret Holmes, Grace Taylor, Ann Chomyn, Cora Ironside, Tillie Faupel, Gerry Campbell, Maxine Nill, Doris Sinclair, Joyce Quaschnick, Joan Mohl, Phyll Ellis, Betty Sulz, Frances Anderson, Edna Annas, Shirley Robertson, Leila Gall, Mable Hansen, Donna Vossler, Gail Liddicoat, Rosanna Hanlon, Mae Wiens, Lois Middleditch, Laura Williams, Eileen Standing.

The National objective to raise money for the Elks Purple is helped each year by a tag day held the first Friday of May by the Hanna Ladies. During the year money is raised for this worthwhile fund through donations by members and friends.

Text courtesy of The Hanna Herald