Thursday, January 18, 2018
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Highways and Road Service

The main east-west route through Hanna is Highway 9, and the main north-south route is Highway 36. These highways are primary routes for both east/west and north/south trucking and transport. Highway 36 is a high load corridor which can accommodate heavy and oversize industrial traffic.

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Trucking Firms

Highway 9 Express Ltd.

Bus Services

Alsask Bus service offers daily bus service between Calgary and Saskatoon.  Their schedule and contact information can be found on their website, Alsask Bus Service.

Couriers & Taxis

UPS, DHL, and Purolator Couriers. Taxi services in Hanna are provided by two local taxi companies.

Air Service

Hanna Municipal Airport has a 1,067 metre (3,500 foot) runway, a non-directional beacon, and all weather facilities. The nearest commercial and air freight services are at Calgary International Airport, 215 km southwest.

Distance from Hanna to:  Miles   Kilometers
 Calgary, AB  134  215
 Edmonton, AB  191  307
Vancouver, BC   739 1,189
Saskatoon, SK 250 402
Winnipeg, MB 736 1,184
Toronto, ON 2,117 3,407
Montreal, PQ 2,447 3,938
Chicago, IL     1,597 2,570
Los Angeles, CA 1,594 2,565
Houston, TX 2,223 3,578


The closest major seaports are the Ports of Vancouver and Prince Rupert, BC.  BC's ports handle half of Canada's maritime exports and 85% of the western Canadian provinces' maritime exports.

The three closest main ports of entry into the U.S. are:

  • Coutts, AB / Sweetgrass, MT
  • North Portal, SK / Portal, ND
  • Surrey, BC / Blaine, WA

Coutts, AB / Sweetgrass, MT is the closest U.S. port at 320 km (199 miles).