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Sports Day in the 1920's Sports Day in the 1920's


The first mention of a skating rink was April 7th, 1919 on Block 24, lots 17, and 18. Also, in 1919 there was a covered curling rink on Center Street a block south of the old Courthouse block. The Curling Club was organized in 1912-13 and on February 14, 1914 they held the first annual Bonspiel. Hockey games were also being held in 1912 - 13.

For many years the town rink was located on the site now occupied by the town office parking lot.

The curling rink was then moved in 1922-23 to the corner of 4 Avenue, and 1st. West, north of the National Hotel. Adjoining this curling rink was an open air skating rink on the south side. A formalized hockey club formed about this time.

Then in May of 1948, a proposed layout for the "Seven Acre Park" was presented which included a swimming pool, curling rink, wading pool, bath house, hockey and skating arena, picnic grounds, tennis courts, and a playground. The location for the park was on third avenue and fifth avenue on third street west. Immediately the Hanna curling Club made plans for building the new rink.

On August 5, 1948 the leveling of the ground for the five sheet curling rink and arena completed ant the space for the structure staked off by members of the curling club. December 20, 1952, the rink officially opened called "Children's Opening Day" staged by rink manager, Ken Tory. Impromptu races were held on the rink. Two special awards given were for the youngest skater presented to Harry Taylor of Hanna and for the furthest away visitors to the arena presented to Gerald Davey of Craigmyle having traveled 23 miles.

On July of 1958 the "Seven Acre Park" later called the Civic Center was equipped with artificial ice.

Text courtesy of The Hanna Herald


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