Sunday, October 20, 2019
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Pool Rates

Public Swimming & Aqua Fitness (effective Jan 2019)

GST where applicable (Age 14 & under GST Exempt, Age 15 & over add GST)

Lockers are available for $11 or $16.50 per season depending on the size of the locker.

Toonie Saturdays.  $2 for all ages

Age     Single Admission     Plunge Card1     Season Tickets1
  Includes GST   Add GST where applicable  Add GST where applicable
Youth (6-17 years) $5.00 $50.00   $95.00
Adults (18-64 years) $7.00  $70.00  $140.00
Seniors (65+) $6.00  $60.00  $95.00
Family2 $15.00  n/a  $245.00
Aqua Fitness $7.00 $70.00 n/a

1.  Plunge Cards & Season Tickets are good for public swimming & aqua fitness.
2.  Family Rate includes members of the same immediate family, one of whom is a parent, legal guardian or grandparent of accompanying a dependent under the age of 18.  Max 2 adults.

 Swimming Lessons

Group Lessons  Level Fee  Level Fee
 Add GST where applicable Preschool Levels  $40.00 Level 1-4 $45.00
  Level 5-8   $50.00  Level 9-10 $60.00
  Adult   $70.00  Advanced $105.00
Private Lessons  based upon 5 lessons per session     
 Add GST where applicable 30 minute lesson $82.50    
  45 minute lesson $115.50    
  60 minute lesson $154.00    

 Pool Rental

# of people   Youth/Family (add GST)   Adult (add GST)
0-30 $96.80/hour $141.90/hour
31-60 $147.40/hour $176.00/hour
61+ $181.50/hour $226.60/hour

Refund Policy

A full refund, less an administrative fee, will be issued if the participant withdraws prior to the date of the first lesson or rental.  No refund will be issued if a participant withdraws during the final three days of lessons.

Administration Fee:  Preschool Levels  $5.00
                              All Other Pool Lessons $10.00
                              Pool Rentals $20.00

Refunds will be issued by cheque from the Town Office and will be sent my mail within three weeks.