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Pioneer Businessmen

Theatre and Real Estate office Theatre and Real Estate office


The Hanna Realty Company - Robertson, Trenaman and Stirling broke up in January 1913. W.C. Stirling resigned to become Postmaster where he remained for 25 years. A.J. Robertson was a retired Member of the Legislative Assembly of Alberta, Conservative. He left Hanna to study law when he was more than 50 and graduated in 1917. He practiced law in Three Hills. Trenaman carried on the business, became the first president of the Board of Trade and served on town council and school board.

Ed Sharp opened the first men's store in February 1913, and sold to Bruce Wallen, The Mens' Man on the Corner, on May 1st 1913. In January 1913, the Cockshutt agency was opened with Maurice Lamson, of Red Deer as agent. The Deering agency was represented by I.C. Langager. M. Clemens cam as block man for International Harvester.

In February Tracy the jeweler arrived with temporary quarters in the Dominion Restaurant. W.A. Hemstock was proprietor of the Hanna skating rink. S.H. Holbrook moved in from the homestead and become the first photographer. As early as February 1913 he was advertising a series of 13 pictures to show the growth of Hanna from inception.

J.P. Ahern came to Hanna as a jeweler in February 1913, but moved to Craigmyle before the end of the year and later to Oyen. In February F.A. Mathe opened the Cash Meat Market and later operated a general store. In later years he was engaged in real estate and insurance. Except for a year spent at Outlook, Saskatchewan, he remained in Hanna until his death. He was active in community affairs, the United Church and served on town council.

In March 1913 H.H. Halladay bought out the firm of Jell, Burry and Halladay which had been formed a year earlier. Jell and Burry returned to Coronation and Halladay remained Theatre and Real Estate Office in Hanna with real estate, loans and insurance. Halladay was the first mayor of Hanna, the first federal member from this area when he was elected as representative of the Union Party in 1917.

Miss Towns opened a millinery store but sold out before the end of the year because of an illness in the family. The Beaver Mercantile had George Riggle as manager. He was the first chairman of the first council and later moved to Imperial, California.

John Regan moved in from Dowling as a carpenter. Dickson and Bryant were contractors. Jones and Murphy came in to advertise Signs That Talk. A.L. Burrows came from London, Ontario to operate the agency of George White and Sons, Steam Plowing Tractors and Threshing Outfits. Ray E. Mason and Mr. Anderson were the contractors who built the Beaver Lumber Company offices. W.J. Duffy of Calgary moved to Hanna to build a two story brick building on second avenue. Miss O. Wickson, of Toronto arrived in Hanna to open a millinery store. Percy Johnston was the first druggist in Hanna, arriving in 1912 and remaining until his death. The Merchant's Bank of Canada opened in 1912 and closed in 1914. The manager during that period was O.C. Smith.

A.F. Maley, The Land Man, real estate and loans, represented the CPR lands and the Hudson's Bay Land Company. The first manager of the Canadian Bank of Commerce was Donald C. Thompson who was soon moved to Youngstown to open a branch there. The Boys' Store, operated by Gibb, Brown and Odell was a general store serving the town from 1912. Andy Gibb served overseas, rejoined the company for a number of years and then moved to California. Jack Odell, one of the most prominent of the old-timers was the only member of the partnership to remain in Hanna. He served on town council, the school board, as mayor and for many years was active in the United Church.

On January 25th, 1913 Mr. Morgan came from Missouri as manager of the Empire Lumber Company. The Pierce Lumber Company was operated by Mr. Fred Pierce and his father in law Mr. Pomeroy. They sold out July 23, 1914 and returned to the states. Mr. E.H. Howard was with the Pierce Lumber Company but moved to Craigmyle June 1, 1913.

Parkin and Winans Building Contractors and Jobbers - Mr. Winans returned to his homestead north of town April 10, 1913. Mr. Parkin's son, Billy, worked with him. For a number of years the worked under the name of the "Parkin Building Construction Co." Mr. Parkin became a Magistrate and was one of the leading members of the Glee Club until it disbanded.

Text courtesy of The Hanna Herald


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