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Oxen For Sale

Between Berke's and Klara's Between Berke's and Klara's


Ad from the Hanna Herald: "OXEN, OXEN, OXEN; For Sale: Teams of six and gang plow. Cheap for cash or terms. Odd ox seventy dollars". Soon a team of oxen would be a rare sight.

With the land being taken up by homesteaders and the soil being broken and fenced there came more and more demand for herd laws. In some areas it came reasonably easy while in others the cattlemen fought it to the bitter end.

January 23, 1913. Richdale turned down the herd law. April 10, 1913. Dowling was giving some consideration to the herd law. By May 11, 1913 Lone Butte had herd law and other communities were voting. June 19, 1913. Feeling was running high and there were bitter disputes over the herd law. July 10, Solon voted for herd law.

During the spring Dowling Municipality voted on the herd law and 80 percent of the voters were in favor of it. However, the council decided to change the law somewhat after the voting had taken place and did not go through the proper channels to do so. I.J. Whittaker, John Cory and Gibson Richardson, ranchers in the area took the matter up. The council decided they did not need to be represented by council and when the case came before Judge Carpenter of Calgary Mr. Whittaker, Mr. Corry and Mr. Richardson were there to defend their views, but no one was there to defend the council or the herd law and the law was quashed by default.

And so it went, but eventually there was herd law in all areas and the old time rancher was pretty well crowded out.

But still such items appeared in the news. April 10, 1913, "Mr. Leslie has a sick ox". The first week in June the first gasoline tractor arrived in Hanna by rail. June 15, 1913. A sale brought 128 dollars for milk cows and 35 dollars for three month old calves.

June 12, 1913. A.A. Woodle secured the contract to supply the C.N.R. with beef for this line. He had difficulty getting enough first class beef. It is likely he knew where a lot of the oxen went. He did buy a team from Garfield French.

August 14, 1913. Item from the Hanna Herald; "Due to the area becoming mixed farming and loss of open range to the ranchers one of the last big herds of beef cattle was sold to Pat Burns by E.J. Whittaker of Dowling; 368 head of prime beef cattle - yearlings and calves.

August 28, 1913. Jim Parker started selling Fords. A Runabout cost $675.00; Touring Car cost $750.00 and a town car cost $1000.00

August 20, 1913. Andy Gibb, C.F. Whitford and Jack Ward went to Calgary one day and back the next. They spent 16 hours on the road.

September 25, 1913, Andy Gibb went to Calgary and brought a copy of the Albertan which was the first time it had been in Hanna the same day as it was printed.

There were several livery barns in Hanna the winter of 1912-13 but by November 13 business had increased to a point where it was necessary to enlarge the barns. Pictures from that time show many horses and wagons but no cars.

Text courtesy of The Hanna Herald

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