Tuesday, December 10, 2019
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Memorial Park

Address: 201 Centre Street

Memorial Park is located on Main Street offers visitors and residents a beautiful place to stop and smell the roses.   In the north east corner of the park stands a cenotaph, placed in memory of the Canadian soldiers who died in the service of their country.     

Covering almost one acre of land, the park provides shade under the many trees, plenty of grass and flowers to enjoy, lighted walking paths, picnic tables, benches and a gazebo.  

The park was initially developed around the Town’s water tower, which was removed in 1988.   To mark the location of the landmark tower, a large water fountain was constructed by local craftsmen and artists.    The Fountain has six panels depicting scenes of importance to the Community:

  • The Water Tower which stood from  1939 – 1988
  • Sheerness Generating Station – built in 1986, bringing industry to the community
  • Canadian National Railway – acknowledging that Hanna was a major divisional point for the railroad. 
  • Oil Well Pump Jack – to recognize the importance of the oil and gas development in the area.
  • Agriculture – acknowledging ranching and farming as our roots.
  • Canada Goose – to recognize Hanna as a major flyway for migrating geese

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