Sunday, December 16, 2018
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Make Your Own Fun

Court House, built in 1939 Court House, built in 1939


In the early days Hanna residents made their own fun. But truly it was a wonderful time to live in a small town like Hanna where most of the people were young and delighted in fun and games.

The summer leisure time was spent outdoors. There was the ever popular baseball, soccer, tennis, walks in the country, band concerts or taking your best girl for a buggy ride on Sunday afternoon.

"Bum" Lake was a couple of miles west of town. Hanna officially named it "Hanalta Lake" but to heck with such niceties. Bum Lake it remained.

Anyway it was a popular spot on Sunday afternoons. Groups of friends and neighbors gathered there to enjoy the sun and fresh air, visiting and picnicking. Sizeable rafts appeared and it was pleasant to float on the quiet water or even eat lunch while on the water.

Younger people relished the opportunity for an invigorating afternoon of swimming.
Two stories have come down to us from that era; one that the band would mount a raft and play; the other that there was an island in the lake from which they delivered a concert.

In the late 1950's Fox Lake development was in full swing as Luther Faupel and Lyle Grover supplied the construction equipment for developing the recreational park a mile and a half west of Hanna. In July, 1957, the Hanna Boat Club with cooperation of town council and PFRA improved the grounds by building a better wharf, a cooking shelter, and picnic tables.

August 18, 1957 the Hanna Boat Club held the First Regatta. There were various water sports played including water skiing and surf boat riding. A picnic and other activities with a fireworks display were held later in the evening. Attendance for the day reached 815 people.

Text courtesy of The Hanna Herald