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Local Government

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After the sale of lots on August 7, 1912 and before a council was elected for the village of Hanna, the Board of Trade was formed and operated the business of the village until the first council was elected January 23, 1913.

The first Hanna Herald printed on Christmas Eve 1912 reported a meeting of the Board of Trade. The first president was J.C. Trenaman; first vice president was Dr. James Grant and the first secretary-treasure was O.L. Jarrell. The December 20 meeting was called to organize a fire department and Murdo S. McLeod was named Fire chief and J.G. Odell was appointed secretary. William English was appointed to draw up by-laws for the board.

The first baby born in Hanna was a son to Mr. and Mrs. J.A. McLure and the Board of Trade presented an appropriate souvenir.

Candidates for the first council in 1913 were: Elmer Brink, E.W. Campbell, G. Jamieson, George Riggle, J.C. Trenaman and the returning officer was W.C. Stirling.

Administration of the town began to take shape and tenders were called for building sidewalks, planting trees and the construction of a village office. Pigs were banned from the village limits and furrows were to be ploughed outlining the blocks in preparation for tree planting. In November 1913 Murdo McLeod was appointed Justice of the Peace.

Hanna was authorized to issue debentures of $45,000 for a new eight-room school to be built in the spring of 1914.

On January 22, 1914, H.H. Halladay, official CNR townsite agent received a telegram stating that the plans for Hanna had been registered. A meeting of the village council was called on February 5th, 1914 to consider petitioning the provincial Minister of Municipal Affairs to have Hanna upgraded from village to town status.

J.C. Trenaman, J.H. Stephens and J.G. Odell were on the 1914 council and the first council after Hanna was awarded town status was elected on May 19, 1914. H.H. Halladay was elected mayor and councilors were: N.J. Lott, J.H. Stephens, J.G. Odell, M.S. McLeod and G.A. Jamieson.

The CNR sold the lots of the town and no deeds were supplied so it was impossible to register with the Land Titles Office. On June 18 it was discovered that none of the council nor the mayor could hold office. Trenaman, Stephens and Odell were appointed as a committee to hold things together until the registration of properties could be made with the Land Titles office. The council and mayor were returned by acclamation saving the town the expense of another election.

Text courtesy of The Hanna Herald