Thursday, November 21, 2019
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License Fees

Dog License  Amounts 
1) Male or Female  $25.00 
2) Sterilized Male or Female  $15.00 
3) Vicious Dog License Fee  $100.00 
4) Replacement Dog Tag $2.00
5) Dog Fanciers License $50.00

Animal licenses are valid from January 1 - December 31 annually. If you welcome a new pet into your home partway through the calendar year, you may be able to purchase a license at a reduced fee. You are expected to apply for the license within 21 days of getting a new dog or cat.

You are encouraged to have your dog spayed or neutered. In doing so, you can help reduce unwanted over-population, and you can take advantage of lower license fees for spayed and neutered dogs.

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