Thursday, May 24, 2018
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The Mayor's Message

January 15th, 2018

I would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year, and all the best for 2018.

Burn Tower

Many of you have probably noticed the large structure being built on the east end of town behind the fire hall.
This building is a training / burn tower; it is a facility that will be used to train, not only Hanna firefighters, but many firefighters from around the region. This is a “state of the art” structure that was initiated by Hanna’s volunteer fire department. To date this project has been funded by a Provincial Grant and a significant donation from the Hanna Firefighters Association. The first phase of this project is the tower itself, followed by the installation of burn props. These burn props allow instructors to simulate various scenarios using live fire, giving firefighters and trainees an authentic experience in order to work as safely and effectively as possible in any given situation. The burn props are very expensive at an estimated cost of approximately $250,000 for each prop. The proposal is to have four burn props installed in the training tower. Another grant application has been submitted for assistance to fund the cost of the burn props. Council has allocated $100,000 toward this project in the 2018 budget, which will be the first funding provided by the municipality for this facility. The funding plan includes surrounding municipalities contributing funds in 2018 as they will also be utilizing the facility for their own fire departments. This is a great project that will ensure the safety for our volunteer fire departments for many years to come.

Sidewalk Replacement

Your council recognized through an infrastructure study that our sidewalks throughout town are in need of our attention. Over the last several years we have significantly increased our budget for sidewalk replacement. Our goal is to catch up on the infrastructure deficit which we currently have. One of the difficulties is identifying and prioritizing the sidewalks that are in need of replacing. If you feel that your sidewalk is in poor shape and in need of replacing please don’t hesitate to contact the town office and we will have a look at it and put it into the queue.

Chris Warwick, Mayor