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Hospital Needed

2nd Ave. - 200 Block, 1913 2nd Ave. - 200 Block, 1913


By the end of August, 1913, there was considerable discussion in the town about the need for a hospital. Most people were cared for in their homes, but the nearest hospital was fifty miles away at Castor. Every emergency trip was carefully timed and records held for sometime. The really hair raising trips took from 2 hours to 2 hours and 20 minutes, and were made over frozen and rutted roads before the snow came.

A hospital would have to be set up by public contribution. Toward the end of the year, a general meeting was called to discuss the possibility. On December 4, it was decided to have a collection campaign for a hospital.

The first children born in Hanna were: a boy born to Mr. and Mrs. J.A. McLure during 1912 and a boy born December 24, 1912, to Mr. and Mrs. Jas Parker. Dr. Grant was in attendance. The first baby girl was born January 29, 1913, to Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Eade.

The Herald reported on January 29, 1914, that the old Copeville post office was being thoroughly renovated and remodeled for a community hospital. Furniture was to be installed as soon as the carpenter work was finished. The building was moved in and located between first and second streets east.

An editorial of February 5, 1914, brought before the farmers and surrounding municipalities the need to support a general hospital. A note for $300 for hospital equipment was signed by business men, and a hospital dance was planned to help clear the note. Open house for the hospital was planned for February 7, 1914. The hospital would accommodate 8-12 patients. Miss McDermot (sister of Mrs. C.N. Tingle) and Miss Elizabeth Harris (sister of Claude Harris and Mrs. Jas and Mrs. Ed Parker) were the first nurses in the hospital. Not only did they do the nursing, but the housekeeping and laundry service as well.

The baby daughter of Thomas Warwick, the first Presbyterian missionary to hold service in Hanna, was the first child born in the new hospital.

A general hospital meeting was held in the Empire Theater, February 19, 1914. Many delegates were present, and it was hoped that five or more rural municipalities would contribute to the building and maintenance of a municipal hospital. The delegates were: C.A. Frary, Dowling Lake, Dr. Benedict and Mr. Melrose of Hand Hills, Mr. St Amour of Richdale, J.C. Trenaman of Hanna, Mr. Larkin of Lambton, and Messrs R.M. and A.S. Campbell. At this meeting, it was decided:

To ask Mr. de Jurkowski to submit plans for a $5,000 building, fully equipped, providing that at least four municipalities and the village of Hanna and Youngstown could be interested enough to take equal responsibility.

The governing Board to be composed of one member from each rural municipality, town, or village, contributing to the support; delegates to be chosen by respective councils at their first meeting in January of each year. Such delegates holding office until a successor shall have been appointed.

It is requested that all Councils wishing to take advantage of this be requested to appoint their delegate for 1914, who shall be instructed to meet all other delegates in Hanna on Saturday, April 4, at 2p.m. at the Town Hall.

Text courtesy of The Hanna Herald