Wednesday, October 23, 2019
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Hanna General Hospital

New Health Complex New Health Complex


The completion of the new Hanna General Hospital District No. 9, came about after many years of hard work and planning on the part of the hospital Board, both past and present, as well as many interested citizens of this district.

An addition in 1959 was to be used as a service wing to a new hospital in the future. This addition was built when the late Ed. Peddie was Administrator, and it was through his efforts and the Hospital Board at that time with Mr. John Corry as chairman, that this came about.

In June of 1966 approval was received from the Hon. J. Donavon Ross, for the construction of a complete one-floor, fifty-bed hospital. The Board under the chairmanship of Mr. J.B. McCully and long time Board member (37 years, a Provincial record) Mr. D.G. Innes, as well as Mrs. E. Lund, Mr. R. Orford, Mr. J. Andrews, Mr. D. Benedict, Mr. F. Johnston and Mr. Wm. Storch, commenced immediate planning.

The 1959 addition which has three floors, was not to be used as the service wing, which included the operating room and delivery suite. However, staff locker facilities, the Board room and boiler room which also services the nurses' residence, were retained in this section.

The total cost of the hospital, including equipment and landscaping, was in excess of $850,000.

The medical staff at that time consisted of four members: Dr. G.D. Wilkins, Dr. R. Turner, Dr. F. Knox and Dr. Ian Donald.

The official opening ceremonies were held on Monday, April 29, 1968 with the Hon. Dr. J. Donavon Ross Minister of Health performing the official ribbon-cutting and declaring the Hanna General Hospital District No. 9 officially open.

In 1972 a 50 bed Nursing Home was added to the hospital. A small addition to the hospital was completed in 1984 adding on an ambulance bay, board room, and enlargement of the medical record department.

In 1985 the 1959 building was demolished and a new dining room, storage room, staff rooms and maintenance shop was added to the present structure.

Text courtesy of The Hanna Herald