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Fund Drive Started

Looking North from 2nd Ave. about 1920 Looking North from 2nd Ave. about 1920


The CNR agents offered a hospital site of one acre for $100, the site to be situated 5 blocks north and 1 block east of the Bank Corners. It was estimated that the building of the hospital would cost taxpayers 75c per quarter section, and the yearly cost of maintenance would be 25c per quarter section. The first municipality to respond was Dowling Lake which pledged not more than $1,000 towards the erection of the hospital.

In March, 1914, Dr. Scott, a dentist came to Hanna from Edmonton. He was a graduate of the University of Michigan. Also in this month, a Benefit Dance was held which made $138.00 for the hospital.

On April 2, the Theater gave a percentage of two days "take", amounting to $33.00 towards the hospital.

By April 9, disappointment! It appeared that no further assistance for the hospital was forth-coming. Hand Hills and Lambton decided that they didn't consider the hospital a necessity. Municipalities to the east wanted to find out what Youngstown would do as they would support a hospital there. It appeared that the hospital would have to be a private institution, maintained by private capital. Patients would have to arrange about payment before admission; indigents would have to be paid for by their municipalities. The hospital appears to have been operated under these conditions during 1914. Work went on continually for what the citizens termed a "Municipal Hospital" but until the Hospital Act was passed in 1918 the hospital had to be financed privately or by public subscription. The hospital committee of October 25, 1915; Chairman J.C. Trenaman; Secretary-Treasure, H.G.McCrea; Committee, S.B. Robinson, R.L. Watt, W.D. Stacey, G.W. Fleming, Harry Stanley.

After the hospital in the old Copeville post office closed the town was often without hospital service though different people tried to operate in different ways, they were usually forced to close on account of financial difficulties.

Finally Mr. L. de Jurkowski planned and built a cottage hospital on First Street between 3rd and 4th avenues. Later it was used as a school.

Dowling Municipality paid the rent of thirty dollars per month. The doors were opened on June 21, 1918. Miss Keith, R.N., and Kate German, R.N. were in charge. Mr. Nick Lund was the first patient.

On August 8, 1918, a tag day was held, taking in three hundred dollars. It was planned to use that money to install a furnace.

August 23, 1918, a meeting was held to form a hospital district under the new Hospital Act. The a new hospital could be built.

October 9, 1919. A meeting completed the organization of the hospital district. It included: Hanna, The Village of Craigmyle, the Village of Richdale. Members of the board included, Town of Hanna, George W. Fleming, Municipal District No. 245, Chas. Lars; Municipal District No. 246, Arthur Dunn, A.B. Stone; Municipal District No. 274, J.G. Levins; Municipal District No. 275, Dan Green; Municipal District No. 277, Chas. J. Till; Municipal District N. 304, H. Crego, J. Blore; Municipal District No. 305, C.L. Sitlington; Municipal District No. 306, Pearl Green. C.A. Coughlin was conveyer. Present at the meeting were: Chas. Lars. Dan Green, Chas. Till, C.L. Sitlington, J.M. Clarke, J. Blore and Pearl Green. Organizer McKay was present from the Department of Health. Thomas J. Warwick was secretary.

The Hanna Municipal Hospital opened August 1, 1922. The same day, a daughter (Clare) was born to Mr. and Mrs. Charles Fleming, the first born in that institution.

Text courtesy of The Hanna Herald