Wednesday, March 20, 2019
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Fox Lake Association

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In 1962, the Fox Lake Association was formed and around this time the lake went dry and a crop of oats was planted in it.

Later the lake refilled and in 1981, the Minister of Recreation and Parks, Hon. Peter Trynchy, designated Hanna as the recipient of a $100,000 grant plus a $20,000 per year maintenance subsidy for the lake development. Note: the grant was reduced to $8,000 in 1995. The announcement seemed sudden but resulted from a brief presented by the Chamber of Commerce to the Annual Cabinet Tour in the early spring. A plan for developing Fox Lake was devised by Ross Rawlusyk and Mike Gaul of the Palliser Regional Planning Commission after having been approached by a citizen's group. The town and the Fox Lake Committee saw the initial program commence and some members of this group were: Vance Little, Garth Hanlon, Ross Rawlusyk, G.R. McCrea, C.T. Grover, and Ed Greenslade. The program provided a definite and ongoing plan for the Fox Lake development, with regard to the realignment of the area in parking space, swimming, boating, fishing, picnicking, and washing facilities. The lake also became more stabilized by the supplies from the power development at Sheerness rather than depending solely on natural run off water. Since the town's water supply no longer depends on this source of water, water level is expected to remain adequate for continued use as a water spot resort.

On July 26, 1984 Fox Lake Park officially opened and Hon. Peter Trynchy and Henery Kroeger, MLA attended the ceremonies.

Fox Lake park has the following facilities available: 2 camp kitchens, fire rings, camping stalls, washrooms and changing areas, developed beach area, day use area with picnic tables, boat launch.

New additions include a sewer dumping station, a ball diamond, and the Hanna Elks are sponsored the development of horseshoe pits.

The Hanna Playground was built and later supervised by the local Kinette Club in 1958. The swings, rides etc. were donated by the Kinsmen.

Text courtesy of The Hanna Herald