Wednesday, January 16, 2019
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Fighting For Canada

Hanna's first machine agency - Parker and Berkell, now under Water Tower across from K & B Hanna's first machine agency - Parker and Berkell, now under Water Tower across from K & B


Harry H. Blois was Hanna's first lawyer coming to the town the first week of 1913. He was killed at Vimy Ridge in 1917. G.W. Fleming came to Hanna on horse back from Munson in 1912. At a considerably later date he replaced A.S. Bruce as Homestead Inspector from the Calgary Office of the Dominion Lands Department.

Dr. James Grant was the first doctor coming in with the C.N.R. work crew as company doctor. He remained until August 1916 when he returned to his home in Bracebridge, Ontario.

Livery, Feed and Sale Stable - A. Lindstrom. Later on Mr. Lindstrom operated the light plant that served the town with electricity. He was active in community affairs for many years before moving to Calgary.

Dominion Restaurant - Black and McLeod. Ronald Black later moved to Cereal. Murdo McLeod become the first fire chief and later J.P. He was active in the community. He went overseas during the war and returned to Hanna where he lived for a number of years.

The Peoples Store - Curry and Co. It was in this store that I.F. Shacker first worked. He later owned the Empire Theater and became mayor of Hanna for many years.

Furniture and Undertaking - Jamieson and Co. George Jamieson operated the above business for a number of years and then became a chiropractor. He practiced in Hanna aGeorge Hannah's flour mill, 1920nd later moved to Calgary.

Hardware - Brink and Jarrell. Mr. A.E. Brink served on the council. He moved to Calgary with his family in 1916. Mr. Jarrell returned to his old home in North Dakota November 1914.

The National Hotel opened March 17, 1913. It was built and owned by Charles Vassar. Sam Fisher was the first manager. A dance was put on to mark the opening, attended by 500 people. The hotel was three stories and contained 64 bedrooms. There was a barber shop, dining room and bar. A Fairbanks Lighting Plant was in the basement. It could be heard all over town at night. There was an electric fire alarm. The plumbing and heating cost five thousand dollars. On November 6, 1913 the National Hotel was sold to Severyns and Staples from California.

The Oxford Pool Hall was opened May 15, 1913. J. James - Stonemason. June 15, 1913 - H.B. Jones Signs, Paintings and Decorating "not the cheapest but the best".

June 2, 1913 - C.N. Tingle came from his homestead north of Hanna to join Mr. W.C. Stirling in a partnership for general office business. Later, Dr. Wade's son Joe joined the firm to make it "Stirling, Tingle and Wade".

A Feed Mill was erected by Campbell and Sons on 1st Avenue. The Seymour Hotel was almost finished by July 3, 1913. P.O. Dyrness was the well driller. A Second Hand Store was opened during July 1913 by Ernie Eade. Jim Parker operated the first Ford Agency.

Text courtesy of The Hanna Herald