Monday, June 18, 2018
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Through the year, the Town of Hanna has openings for employment or contract positions. All are posted on this website as well as through local media including the Hanna Herald.

Permanent Positions

No permanent positions are currently available.

Temporary or Seasonal Positions (Deadline is Thursday, March 8th, 2018 at 4:00 pm) 

Applications are welcome year round for the following positions:

Hanna's job market is strong! There are frequently great career opportunities in many different industries from trades to healthcare. There is a demand for all levels of positions from entry-level to senior positions that can be found through, the local newspapers, the Hanna Herald and The Coffee Break.  The Career Centre at the Hanna Learning Centre also has a job board with staff trained to assist people with securing a job.

Our Community

Quick Facts

  • Rates*

    Drop In -ages 16+
    During operating hours    $11


    Platinum Access 
    Monthly Adult/Senior $82.50
    Annual Adult  $605.00
    Annual Senior $495.00
    Annual Couple $990.00

    Note Platinum Access includes Lane Swim, Public Swim & Aqua Fit at the Swimming Pool during scheduled times.

    Gold Access
    Monthly Adult/Senior $66.00
    Annual Adult  $550.00
    Annual Senior $440.00
    Annual Couple $880.00

    *all rates are subject to GST

    Elliptical Trainer
    Smith Machine
    Squat Machine
    Squat Rack
    Leg Extension Machine
    Rowing Machine
    Various Free Weights    
    Exercise Mats
    Exercise Balls