Saturday, February 23, 2019
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Hanna's new Community Centre and Pioneer Park Hanna's new Community Centre and Pioneer Park


The Dowling townsite was surveyed at the north end of Dowling Lake. In 1925 Anfy Alpaugh opened the store and post office. The Wheat Pool elevator was built in 1926, for a short time a section man was stationed there. Dowling felt the crunch of changing times before Scapa did. The post office closed in 1952 and the store closed soon after. The elevator operated till 1975. Nothing is left of the Dowling townsite - Scapa still has several houses, the community hall, vacant school with adjacent ball diamonds and sports grounds.

Many of the pioneer families of the area are still represented by a second and third generation. Some left but keep in contact - others have vanished. Following is a list of pioneer families compiled by R.S. Gaugler in 1962. Walker, Sim, Hillis, McRae, Weschie, Wimmer, Himmelrick, Ruppert, Burrows, Sexsmith, Haessell, Peters, Cape, Gaugler, Mitchell, Baxter, Williams, Weiler, Skeelan, Zeamer, Wylie, Pettie, Fowler, McCuish, Harrington, Robertson, Ross, Wiese, Viste, Munro, Doyle, Schottschneider, Kinman, Mansfield, Brunner, Barton, Diegel, Coghill, Fielding, Jones, McBurnie, Gay, Fisher, Grantham, Michael, Johnston, Holloway, Bradley, Raina, Carseson, Hausher, Anderson, Gulseth, Fennel, Lohrmann, Bartsch, Leight, Harvey, Burt, Weich, Slemp, Bodeman, Camp, Glubrecht, Steinbrecker, Lyxzen, Bartman, Hill, Hein, Dunkle, Huson, Sandness and MacKenzie.

Text courtesy of The Hanna Herald