Sunday, December 16, 2018
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Cultural Life

Grades IV, V, VI, May 1934 Grades IV, V, VI, May 1934


Entertainment in Hanna has gone through several phases. A brief look at the town's past and present cultural organizations provides a glimpse of progress in the arts.

In 1912 Hanna's First Orchestra was organized and sponsored by the Metropolitan Church. Its first appearance was during the Christmas Concert and program in the Empire Theatre. The orchestra members were: Neil Struthers, George Stephens, Frank Harris, Fred Herbert, Charles Stephens, and Cam Struthers. Also, during the winter of 1912 - 13 the Brotherhood of the American Yeoman put on a series of concerts and literary programs.

In July of 1913 the Glee Club formed but disbanded May 12, 1916 because most of the members were in the armed forces and their leader, Dr. Honey was in Gallipoli. Also, in July, 1913 the Brass Band or Hanna Citizen's Band was organized. A benefit concert was held August 21, 1913 to raise money for their instruments. The town council supported the Band and in 1914 paid a bandmaster. Then in 1915 council paid the band's debt of $50.00 which paid for their instruments, uniforms, and music. The conditions made by the band for receiving the town assistance was to hold a free band concert once a week during the summer months. Known members of the Band were: Louis Hasney, bandmaster, Chas Eade, Chas Backstrom, Geo Horner, Jas Hazelwood, W. Robertson, Chas Dickerson, Mr. G. Jamieson, Wm. Parkin, Bruce Wallen, H. Federick, Mr. Wallace, Tom Eade. The officers were A.M. Gibb, president; Chas Eade, secretary; C.F. Whitford, treasure; J. Wallace, librarian. Another club formed in 1913 during the middle of August was Hanna's Dramatic Club.

Text courtesy of The Hanna Herald