Monday, December 10, 2018
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Effective January 1, 2018

GST will be added where applicable
(Age 14 & under are GST exempt.  Age 15 & over add GST)

2018 Rates & Fees    
Drop In Admission (Field House)          Punch Card  
Youth (6-17 years) $2.25    12 for price of 10  
Adult (18-64 years) $5.50    Youth $22.50
Senior (65+ years) $4.50    Adult $55.00
Family1 $11.00   Senior $45.00
Fitness Centre  $11.00      
Bronze Access (Annual Pass)    Gold Access3 (Annual Pass)  
Youth2  $220.00   Adult/Senior $66.00/mo
Adult  $330.00   Adult $550.00
Senior  $275.00   Senior  $440.00
Family1 $440.00   Couple  $880.00
Silver Access3 (Annual Pass)    Platinum Access3 (Annual Pass)  
Adult $350.00   Adult/Senior $82.50/mo
Senior $295.00   Adult $605.00
Family $460.00   Senior  $495.00
      Couple $990.00
Fitness Trainer Pass4 (Annual Pass) $200.00      

1. Family must include one adult and the children must be from the adult's family.
2. No GST
3. Pre-authorized payment plan is available.
4. Trainer must have Gold or Platinum Access and current accreditation as a Fitness Trainer.


Walking Track

Free: During regular facility operating hours.
9:00am - 9:00pm Mon-Fri and 
1:00pm-8:00pm Weekends and Holidays 
The walking track is available outside the above hours with the purchase of Silver, Gold or Platinum access.   
Room Rates (Add GST for all rentals)       
Field House Youth/Family $44.00/hr    Music/Youth Room
  $247.50/half day     $154.00/day 
  $412.50/full day      
Field House Adult $71.50/hr   Music/Youth Room Adult $44.00/hr
  $412.50/half day     $165.00/day
  577.50/full day      
Bounce House (Includes supervisor)   $110.00/2 hr   Kitchen/Coffee Room $33.00/day
additional hours after the first two $55.00   in conjunction with a booking  































Refund Policy

Access Pass fees will be refunded on a prorated basis, loess a $50 administration fee.


Centennial Place   
Capacity: Main Floor 181
  Upper Floor     177
Room Sizes - Main Floor  
Music/Youth Rm:   1015 sq. ft. 60
Pre-School Rm: 800 sq. ft.  25
Field House 6100 sq. ft.  100 
Room Sizes - Upper Level   
Dance Studio 1:  975 sq. ft.  60
Dance Studio 2: 740 sq. ft 43
Fitness Center: 700 sq. ft. 43
Walking Track: 2500 sq. ft. 60




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