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Joys of motoring - 1912 Joys of motoring - 1912


A.A. Woodle had a meat market and bought and shipped cattle. He had a contract with the C.N.R. to supply meat for the diners along the Goose Lake Line. The Williston Lumber Co. was sold to R.L. Watt of Castor on January 16, 1913. He was allowed to retain the name. Bruce Watt came as manager on September 1, 1913. H.J. Leggett Baker and Confectioner came to Hanna in 1912. They sold out in 1913 and returned to Edmonton.

The Hanna Harness C. was formed by E.J. Jones who came from his homestead to start the first building in Hanna. It was the second one finished and occupied. During the war he had five sons in the Canadian and American Armies. He sold to L.I. Stuart, April 10, 1915.

F.B. Randall - Transfer and Drayline - Floyd Burr Randall was from North Dakota and had homesteaded in the Hand Hills. He was very good with animals and was known as "Doc Randall". Later he spent two terms at Toronto University preparing to become a veterinarian.

F.M. Wilson - General Contractor. Eade For Signs - Painting and Decorating . Thomas Eade Sr. came to Hanna as a cobbler. He had three sons. Ernest Eade was the sign painter. Ernest was founder of the Empire Theatre, going into partnership with Charlie Whitford. He sold his share to Geo. Horner and on November 13, 1913 he bought it back and resold the same day to Geo. Geisel. He served in the Boer War and the War 1914-18. Charlie Eade served in the Boer War and the War 1914-18. Thos. Eade was artistically inclined and painted scenery for theaters in Hanna, Drumheller and Munson. He was interested in drama and joined Mr. Geisel in a company which toured the province with one night stands. He went overseas and was wounded. Returning to Hanna, he married Ruth Sipprell. They later moved to Los Angeles where he joined Aimee Semple McPherson and became a very well known Evangelist, and one of the ministers in the Los Angeles Temple.

Campbell the Blacksmith. Queen's Restaurant - Regular meals 25 cents.

Beaver Lumber Company - S.B. Robinson Manager. Mr. Robinson and his family moved to Hanna in November 1912. He was always active in sports and community affairs. The school board and curling were his main interests for many years. He was also active in the United Church.

The Whitefoot Barn was opened by C.O. Overton on August 11, 1912. After Mr. Overton disposed of his barn to Seckman and Fitzsimmons on February 11, 1915 he returned to ranching.

The Twin Stores - G.W. Horner and E. Campbell, Hardware; Stephens and Edwards, General Merchandise. Mr. and Mrs. J. Stephens and family moved from Ontario in 1912. There were three sons and three daughters: James, Charles, George, and Elmer Edwards were among the pioneer general merchants. James Stephens was on the council from the beginning and was elected Mayor following H.H. Halladay. He was active in the United Church since coming to Hanna. Charles Stephens was in the store from sometime and for a number of years worked with Bruce Wallen. Later he operated his own store selling to D. and G. Clothiers. George Stephens was in partnership with his two older brothers.

The Empire Theater was opened January 3, 1913 by E. Eade. Later it was owned by I.F. Schacker. A.J. Johnston and Son - Building Contractors.

Union Band - Manager William English was in Hanna for some years. He was active in the Roman Catholic Church and community affairs. He was interested in sports and prominent in the Glee Club. The family moved to Winnipeg.

Text courtesy of The Hanna Herald