Saturday, February 23, 2019
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Architect Arrives

Corner Drug - now Central Meat - before 1920 Corner Drug - now Central Meat - before 1920


August 14, 1913 - Mr. L. de Jurkowski moved to Hanna from Saskatoon. He was the architect for the new brick school, for the cottage hospital and for many other buildings, including the Hanna Municipal Hospital.

August 14, 1913 - The National Elevator was under construction with a capacity of 30,000 bushels. October 23, 1913 - The town was to be supplied by electricity by the firm of Hunt and Drosser. It appeared to be a hit and miss affair until it was taken over by Mr. Lindstrom.

By December 1, 1913 there was a noticeable improvement in business due to rail service. December 18, 1913 Jamieson and Co. installed the first flashing electric light sign in the town. It advertised Dixie Mattresses. December 18, 1913. O.H. Tallman opened a feed mill. He was also the minister for the Church of Christ. December 23, 1913 - Geo. Hannah was manager of another newly opened feed mill.

Sam Wadsworth was manager of the Black Diamond Mine 11 miles south of Hanna. Blough and MacKay opened as general blacksmiths next door to Alex Falconer's Livery Stable.

J.A. McClure had the agency for McCormick Implements, I.H.C. Tractors, Oliver Plows, Old Dominion Wagons, Chatham Wagons and Incubators.

Text courtesy of The Hanna Herald