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Winter Activities  Winter Activities  

From hot chocolate and cozy fireplaces to cross country skiing or ice skating, discover Hanna's top things to do before the spring thaw:


Take in a Hockey Game.
If you are looking for some excitement and a little competition, head on out to the rink to watch a hockey game. Game schedules can be found

Go Ice Fishing.
Dress warm, pack enough supplies, an ice drill a rod and reel and a stool and dangle your line through a hole in the ice. Even if you don't come home with enough for the evening stew, relaxation and some nice conversation with local anglers may still be your reward.

Go Snowmobiling.
Load up your snowmobile and enjoy the praire sled experience. Fox Lake is a great place for snowmobiling. You can even use your snowmobile to carry the family back up the toboggan hill.

Go Ice Skating.
Glide across the ice at the Hanna arena. Public skating schedules are found

Go Cross Country Skiing.
Enjoy nature, quiet and fresh air when you strap on your skis and glide across the prairie. There is no limit to where you can go. The prairie stretches for miles.

Go Toboganning.
Enjoy the funnest winter sport with your children or granchildren. There is a toboggan hill at Helmer Dam just waiting for some action. 




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