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Walking Tour  Walking Tour  

This tour takes you by car or by foot through the railway history of Hanna. The federal government's push to cover the prairies with homesteaders instead of cattle barons encouraged the construction of railways. The Canadian Pacific Railway already linked Eastern Canada to the West Coast. Now smaller rail lines saw an opportunity to tap into local shipping by building a web of rail lines to the north of the CPR. One of these was the Goose Lake Line, Canadian Northern Railway's link between Saskatoon and Calgary. Hanna became the line's divisional point.

Your journey starts at the caboose and Visitor Information Centre and follows the footsteps of the early railroaders to the town that grew into a centre for railway traffic. Your route takes you to the Four Corners in downtown Hanna where the coming of the rail line sparked real estate speculation, new business and big dreams. Continue through the residential district to see the homes of Hanna's settlers before entering the Pioneer Village and Museum where a warm greeting and a tour guide wait to show you through the region's past. Don't miss these attractions, both cultural and natural.

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