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<a name="Water & Sewer"></a>Water & Sewer  Water & Sewer  

The Town of Hanna Utility Department provides for the distribution and collection of  water and sewer.  The Water, Sewer, Regional Waste Site and Garbage fees are all collected bi-monthly by the Town of Hanna. The charges for providing these services are as follows:

1) The water usage rate (current as of 01-May-11) for residential users bi-monthly is $63.00 for the first 22 cubic metres and $2.30 per cubic metre for amounts thereafter.  The source of water is the Red Deer River.  The water treatment is provided by the Henry Kroeger Regional Water Commission.  The reservoir capacity, measured in treated substance, is 4.5 million litres.

2) The sewage treatment rate for residential users bi-monthly is a flat rate of $19.00 based on 22 cubic meters of water usage. 
Winter use (November - April) over 22 cubic meters of water used is an additional $.30 (per m3).
Summer use (May - October) over 44 cubic meters of water used in an additional $.30 (per m3).

3) A minimum utility bill including water, sewer, garbage and regional waste fees totals $132.00 for a bi-monthly billing.

The Town of Hanna offers a variety of utility payment methods.  To view these options, click here.

Water Supply
The source of water is the Red Deer River. The reservoir capacity, measured in treated substance, is 4,546,000 litres (1,200,926 gallons). The water is treated by the Henry Kroeger Regional Water Commission and is a regional service. 

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<a name="Garbage Collection"></a>Garbage Collection  Garbage Collection  


Residential garbage is collected weekly and is collected on Tuesday or Wednesday depending on where you live in the Town of Hanna.  Commercial garbage is collected on Mondays.


Residential garbage is collected weekly, while industrial and commercial garbage is collected as contracted.


Service Provider Address Phone Number
Electrical Power Service ATCO Electric Administered out of Hanna Office 800-668-2248
Electricity Retailers   310-4455
(toll free) 
Natural Gas Alta Gas Utilites Administered out of Leduc 866-222-2067
Communications Telus   310-2255 
Internet Services Telus   310-4638
  Netago 105 2nd Ave W, Hanna  866-346-7822
  Platinum Communications Corporation #3, 6110 1A St SW, Calgary 403-301-4590
Cellular Phone Service Telus Mobility Hanna GM: 105 Palliser Trail 403-854-4427 
    The Brick: 114 2nd Ave W, Hanna 403-854-3233
  Rogers Wireless Inc.   877-764-3722

Hanna is connected by the Alberta SuperNet - a high-speed broadband network which connects approximately 4,200 hospitals, schools, libraries, and provincial government offices in over 400 Alberta communities.



Garbage Preparation Tips

1) The Town of Hanna has a 3 bag per household allowance for garbage collection. Each household pays a bi-monthly fee for garbage collection (on your utility bill) which entitles you to collection of up to 3 bags of garbage per week. There is a standard sized bag limit (27" x 38"), at a cost of $17.00 bi-monthly. Industrial and commercial garbage is collected as contracted.
* A bimonthly fee of $33.00 is put towards our contribution to the operation of the Big Country Regional Waste Authority.

2) Garbage and waste must be drained and securely wrapped and properly tied.

3) Waste paper and cardboard must be tied in bundles and placed within or beside the garbage or waste receptacle for removal.

4) Clippings, lawn cuttings, shrubs and trees are to be compacted and securely tied in bundles, garbage cans or boxes and placed beside the waste receptacles. They cannot exceed 50 pounds (22.5kg) in weight or 1.5 meters (5 feet) in length.

If you have any questions regarding the utility billing, please click
here to contact the Town of Hanna.


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<a name="Waste Disposal"></a>Waste Disposal  Waste Disposal  

Hanna residents have access to both the Waste Transfer Site and the Youngstown Landfill.  Each site has regulations and lists prohibited materials.  Please research the appropriate collection point before disposing of your refuse. 

For more information:

Big Country Waste Management Commission

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