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Public Works  Public Works  

The Public Works Department provides what is commonly known as the "hard services".  This includes street repairs and maintenance, snow removal, maintenance of the water and sewer distribution system, airport maintenance, and cemetery maintenance.  Duties also consist of maintenance of  Town owned buildings and facilities; fleet maintenance of all Town owned vehicles and a wide range of other varied tasks as requested.

The Public Works Department is comprised of 1 supervisor and 5 full time staff. Transportation, Storm Sewer, Solid Waste Management and Recycling all come under the control of this department. The Public Works Department operates out of the Town of Hanna Public Works Shop located on Fox Lake Trail East. All pertinent contact information can be located under the Staff Directory page on this website.

Snow Removal  Snow Removal  

As a general rule, after heavy snow falls, the snow is cleared from the streets in the following order:

  • Collector streets – Palliser Trail, Fox Lake Trail, Pioneer Trail, 2nd Avenue, 3rd Street, Centre Street.
  • School Bus Routes – 7th Avenue, local streets around both schools.
  • Airport / Fire Department
  • Residential Streets & Avenues
  • Small Cul-de-sacs and Crescents

There are 43.68 km of open roads that require maintenance within the Town boundaries (streets, avenues, back lanes, perimeter roads).

Some streets are cleared by moving the snow to the sides of the street and putting it on the boulevard, but vehicles parked on the road and driveways that need to be cleared increase the time it takes.   Of course the grader blade is not as wide as the streets so several passes are required.

Streets without boulevards (Main Street, 7th Avenue, etc.) required a grader, a loader and gravel trucks to truck the snow away. The cemetery roads also require maintenance.

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