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 Protective Services  

The Town of Hanna takes great pride in striving to provide all the necessary amenities that make living, working, and playing in our community a truly comfortable and memorable experience. Everyone in our community must also feel that their homes, businesses, neighbourhoods, streets and recreation areas are safe and secure and that when an incident arises to threaten that comfort and security we can all rest assured knowing that appropriate action will be taken to deal with each situation in a professional and timely manner.

The Director of Protective Services oversees many aspects of the business and security of our community and is responsible for the following:


Bylaw Enforcement:

Some of the duties performed by the Municipal Enforcement Officer include:


  • Budget preparation for the operation of Protective Services Department
  • Monitor and enforce municipal bylaws
  • Assist in the preparation of new bylaws and amendments to existing bylaws
  • Attend court as required in relation to charges laid
  • Maintain liaison with RCMP, Fish & Wildlife and Citizens on Patrol
Animal Control Officer:
  • Respond to dog and animal related complaints
  • Impound dogs running at large and maintain dog impound facility
  • Issue dog tags and maintain a dog license register
  • In cooperation with the RCMP issue charges related to dog or other bylaw offences
License Inspector:
  • Receive and process business license applications and maintain a register
  • Investigate any complaints regarding direct sellers or other unlicensed individuals or companies
  • Monitor and enforce the business license bylaw
Fire Department:

 Areas of responsibility include:

  • Oversee the preparation of the annual and long range budget process
  • Liaison between the Fire Chief/Officers group and the CAO
  • Work with the Fire Department to formulate and develop policies and programs for the Fire Service
  • Assist in ensuring all fire equipment is maintained to an acceptable standard
  • Assist in responding to inquiries regarding matters of Fire Safety
Disaster Services:

Well-trained first responders, numerous volunteers and volunteer organizations help make up the basis of our communities first line of defense when trouble appears. The Director of Disaster Services duties include:

  • Review, maintain, test and update the Municipal Emergency Plan
  • Review, maintain, test and update Disaster Social Services Plan
  • Coordinate meetings in conjunction with the Disaster Services Committee and the Disaster Services Agency
  • Liaison with Emergency Management Alberta and Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Canada
Development Officer:

Duties and responsibilities include:

  • Receive and process development permit applications in accordance with the Land Use Bylaw 
  • Refer development permits to the Municipal Planning Commission for decision in discretionary and other matters
  • Provide input and recommendations relating to changes to the Land Use Bylaw
  • Issue Certificates of Compliance in accordance with established policy
  • Maintain accurate development records and submit monthly reports
  • Monitor development progress and issue orders as required by the Land Use Bylaw
  • Keep public informed through the media of important development decisions and appeals

Municipal Internal Supervisor in Health:

Review and recommend internal matters as they relate to Town of Hanna employee health and safety in conjunction with the Health & Safety Committee

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