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 Corporate Services  

The Town of Hanna is an organization with nearly 20 full and part time staff.  The role of the Corporate Services Department is to assist the organization to work effectively and efficiently.   Corporate Services is the starting point for all aspects of administration for the Town of Hanna.   Inquiries or requests for service start a process that may take moments or months to finalize -it all depends on the type of request.

There are two full time staff and two part time staff members in the Corporate Services Department.   They each have an area of expertise, however they are also very knowledgeable regarding activities and programs of the other Town Departments. 

The Director of Corporate Services:
- Assists the Chief Administrative Officer
- Attends meetings of Council and Committees & prepares minutes, financial reports and information packages.
- Prepares Operating and Capital budgets for Council in conjunction with CAO and Directors
- Prepares Year End Reports and records for the annual audit
- Insurance Review & Risk Management 

The Corporate Services Staff are responsible for:
- Customer Service - counter and telephone calls, mail and email responses, etc. 
- Human Resources - Payroll processing, pension and benefit programs 
- Accounts Payable and Receivable
- Cash Receipting and Financial Reporting
- Taxes & Assessments
- Update property information - assessment & ownership
- Input Tax Rates, calculate and Print Tax Notices
- Tax Notifications & Discharges
- Assessment Appeal Information & Reporting 
- Utility Records Management
- Update Information
- Coordinate changes with other departments & contractors 
- Invoicing 
- Records Management 
- Council & Committee Minutes & Reports
- Bylaws 
- Agreements & Contracts
- General Correspondence
- Land Files & Maps  
- Cemetery Record Management


Some of the types of telephone calls or counter inquiries are:

Who do I call for:   bats under my deck?
bees in my basement?
birds in my attic?
fuel at the airport?
When is the Town Going to: spray for mosquitos?
spray for dandelions?
grade the alley?
pump water from my yard?
repair my sidewalk?
trim the boulevard trees?
fix my sewer line?
remove snow from streets?
remove snow from sidewalks?
When is the:  Fall Fair?
Trade Show?
museum open to public?
visitor information center open?
regional waste site open?
Can you tell me: property taxes owing?
legal description?
civic address?  (sometimes for properties in Delia, Jenner, etc.)
cemetery grave locations for relatives?
where relatives lived?
forwarding addresses?
where I sign up for utilities? (power, gas, cable tv)
phone numbers for Special Areas, The Learning Centre,
Community Centre, etc.?
is the airport runway clear?
if salesmen are licensed?
Will the Town:

let me shoot cats in my yard?
find my cat?
destroy my dog for me?
look after my dog?


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