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Business & Tourism  Business & Tourism  

Downtown HannaThe Town of Hanna's Administration, under the leadership of Town Council, is committed to ensuring long term growth and prosperity by building and maintaining partnerships, increasing our assessment base, insuring that our infrastructure and services are in place and sustainable and raising the profile of the Town of Hanna. 
The Town of Hanna encourages existing business to expand and new business to locate within the community, increasing the available employment opportunities.  Town Council is continually formulating and implementing strategies conducive to maintaining a healthy business environment.

Tourism and Business go hand in hand.  Tourism is an important source of income, tax revenue and job creation and with the formation of the Canadian Badlands and Hanna's proximity to the Royal Tyrrell Museum in Drumheller,  Tourism is an underdeveloped yet growing industry in Hanna.

The Town is involved with several regional Economic Development Groups in South East and East Central Alberta.  Please visit the Doing Business in Hanna section of this website.

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