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Meeting Minutes  Meeting Minutes  

The following meeting minutes are provided for the convenience and use of Town residents, local media and interested parties.

Municipal Planning Commission - Who We Are  Municipal Planning Commission - Who We Are  

The Municipal Planning Commission (MPC) is the Development Authority for the Town of Hanna.  The members of the Municipal Planning Commission are the members of Council - Mayor Mark Nikota, Councillors John Kaster, Tanis Graham, Charles Girard, Gerald Campion, Chris Warwick and Cathy Watts.

Municipal Planning Commission - What We Do  Municipal Planning Commission - What We Do  

The Municipal Planning Commission is established by bylaw as the Development Authority to advise and assist Council with regard to the planning of orderly and economical development with the municipality and seek to ensure that any proposed development is in accordance with the purpose, scope or intent of the municipal development plan, land use bylaw, area structure plans and/or area redevelopment plans.

The Municipal Planning Commission meets on an as needed basis to review and decide on development applications that are referred by the Development Officer.  These may include developments that:

  • require a variance (or relaxation) from the established planning documents requirements
  • are discretionary uses
  • the proposed specific use of land or a building is not provided for in a district in the Land Use Bylaw
  • are referred to the Commission for a decision.
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