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Community Services Board - What We Do  Community Services Board - What We Do  

The Mission of the Town of Hanna's Community Services Department is to promote a quality life-style for all citizens of the Community. In an effort to achieve this the department serves several functions.

It facilitates the development of recreation and cultural programs and facilities. This includes the development, operation and maintenance of open spaces. It coordinates Family and Community Support Services (F.C.S.S.) and is responsible for seeing that the mandate of this organization is carried out in our community.

Community Services offers a variety of services which are available to assist all non-profit organizations of Hanna, these include:
  • Use of the Handbook of Grants and Subsidies.
  • Government Aide to Non-profit Organizations (Alberta & Federal).
  • Access to Community Services secretarial, photocopy, equipment and promotional resources on a limited basis.
  • Use of the Community Services Building.
  • Handi-van for rental.
  • Community Services Board Grants
  • Provincial Hosting Grant -  The Town of Hanna will provide up to $1,000 in support to be utilized towards facility rental of public owned facilities for the hosting of provincial events in the Town of Hanna.  For more information/criteria about this policy or to apply, please contact the Town Office (403) 854-4433.

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