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Appealing Your Assessment  Appealing Your Assessment  

If you feel your assessment is incorrect you may review it with the staff at the Town Office.  You have the right to lodge a formal complaint against your assessment with the Joint Assessment Review Board.  The Joint Assessment Review Board is a three to five member board, responsible for hearing and ruling on assessment complaints.  The Board ensures that the complainant (the taxpayer) and the Assessor receive a fair and impartial hearing.  The Board hears complaints based on claims of errors or omissions, unfair assessments compared with similar properties, or incorrect classifications for tax rate purposes.  Before filing a complaint, please discuss your concerns with the Assessor.  You may only appeal the assessment, not the tax levy.  The only parties authorized to change assessments are the Town of Hanna Assessor, the Joint Assessment Review Board, and the Municipal Government Board.  No Town of Hanna staff member or member of Town Council has the authority to change assessments.

A written complaint must be delivered to the Assessment Review Board Clerk at the Town Office by the date shown as the last day to complain on the Property Assessment Notice.  The appeal processing fee for each parcel or account must accompany the written complaint.

If you plan to appeal, it would be best to pay the taxes by the due date to avoid penalty.  If a decision is made in your favour, your assessment will be adjusted and any overpayment of taxes will be refunded to you.

If you have questions regarding your assessment, please contact the Town Office.

Assessment Complaint Fees are as follows:
Download the Assessment Review Board Complaint Form
Category of Complaint

Complaint Fee

Residential 3 or fewer dwellings and farm land      


Residential 4 or more dwellings




Linear property-power generation

 $650.00 per facility

Linear Property - other

 $50.00 per

Equalized assessment


as per bylaw #954-2012  

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