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Town Logo
THE TOWN OF HANNA’s corporate logo was officially adopted by Council on December 13, 2005. This is an integrated logo, meaning it incorporates both a logo and tagline, as well as graphic elements (horizon, geese and sun). Note: the Town of Hanna logo is separate from the Town of Hanna crest.
The green arc represents the horizon, with the rising sun and flying goose representing progress and looking towards the future. Hanna has a strong association with the Canada Goose.

Town Crest
In 1986 a contest to design a Coat of Arms for the Town of Hanna resulted in this winning entry from artist, Lynda Boesenkool, adopted as the Town Crest on December 16, 1986. Rationale: There are two primary symbols that identify the character of the Town—the Canada Goose which marks Hanna as the hub of the goose country, and the CN railway which reached the town in 1913, connecting Calgary and Saskatoon. The Town was named after the vice-president of the CN, as well. Wheat and cattle were used to symbolize their respective industries, and a pump jack for oil and gas. The prairie rose identifies Hanna as an Alberta town.

Use of the TOWN OF HANNA Crest is reserved exclusively for Council. It is used for Council endorsed activities, official and legal materials.

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