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Youth Club  Youth Club  

The aim of the Youth Club is to provide a wide and interesting number of activities to the youth which promotes education and socialization.

To create opportunities within the community that allow youth to learn more about themselves, how to cooperate with others, to develop new interest, but mostly to have some FUN.

Hanna & District Youth Club Board
Are you interested in making sure our local youth have something to do?  Do you have new ideas that may be of interest to our youth?  Then, we are looking for you!  The Youth Club Board volunteers once a month to brainstorm and dig up ideas for our youth in our community.  If you are interested in becoming a board member, please feel free to call the Town Office.

The youth club has a variety of programs which attract the interest of youth and teens. The youth club programs are instructed by volunteers who put their time and energy into making their programs as interesting and fun as possible.  The listing of events and activies in the most recent program guide can be viewed by clicking the link on the left side of this page.

Additional Youth Programs  Additional Youth Programs  

Summer Fun
Theme Based Day Camp Program for children aged 5 to 12 years running in July and August..

Youth Dances
Dances are offered once a month during the school year. NOTE: Kids get in FREE if their parents chaperone! To volunteer please call Community Services.

Movie Presentations
How about hosting a movie for a fundraising event for your group. 

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