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The possibility of a Community Services Handi-Van began on June 8th, 2004 when Ruby Catherine Schmitz named the Town of Hanna as beneficiary in her will.  Her wish was that there would be a Handi-Bus that could transport people with disabilities.  In return for her kind gesture, the bus was to read "in Honor of Fred & Hattie Schmitz."  Additional support was received when the Clifford Wall Foundation wished to donate funds in the name of Clifford Wall for a new vehicle that could assist programs for the visually impaired.

A Council Task Force was assembled comprised of Councillor Taylor and Councillor Lallier.  After research, they proposed that a Handi-Van be purchased and operated in a similar fashion as a Community Services Van - but with the restriction that use be limited to those with disabilities.

Council approved the purchase of a Chevrolet Uplander and had it converted for wheelchair access, giving wider access to services for all Hanna residents.

 Quick Facts  

To Rent the Van
1.  Contact the Town Office to reserve the Van for a specific date.
2.  Fill out a rental agreement.
3.  Provide proof of a valid driver's license for your driver.

Capacity: 5 passengers if wheelchair access is not needed.  If wheelchair access is needed, 4 passengers and up to two wheelchairs.
Fees:  $10/day + $0.10/km + fuel + gst.

Q. Do I need a special license to rent/drive the Van?

A. You do not need a special license to rent or drive the van.  A Class 5 license is all that is required.

Q. Can I park in a Handicap zone if I am driving the Handi-van?
A.  Yes.  Our vehicle came equipped with special permission and a placard indicating handicap status.

Q.  Can the Handi-Van accommodate different styles of Wheelchairs?
A.  Yes.  The Handi-Van is configured to hold multiple types of chairs.

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