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Hanna In Bloom  Hanna In Bloom  

Mission: “To enhance and beautify the Town of Hanna by encouraging all members of the community to grow through people, plants and pride.”

Goal: To improve the appearance of the Town of Hanna by encouraging all citizens to take an active role in beautification and general tidiness of the town.

Purpose: Hanna in Bloom will operate as a not-for-profit organization that will work cooperatively with local organizations, business and municipal government to improve the Town of Hanna through people, plants and pride. 

Membership: Hanna in Bloom will be open to all citizens of the Town of Hanna. 
Executive/Board Membership 

Hanna in Bloom executive and members include:

President: Lou Lallier – Hanna Ag Society
Secretary: Donna Vossler – Royal Purple Lodge
Treasurer: Bev Fortinski - Hanna Chamber of Commerce
Members: Helen Standing
  John Kaster - Hanna Town Council
  Teri Achilles - Hanna Young Lions
  Victor Fortinski - local business owner


Jo Goebel
  Karen Frobb
  Mabel Fielding
  Angie Warwick
  Patty Blocksom
  Dorothy Mohl
  Iris Faechner
  Sherry Warnock
Town Resource:

Gwen Snell - Director of Community Services (Town of Hanna)
Adrian Mohl - Director of Protective Services (Town of Hanna)

Mabel Fielding, Helen Standing and Lou Lallier at the Provincial Communities in Bloom Awards in Sedgewick, September 28th 2007.


Hanna in Bloom shall meet an average of four times annually.

January - Annual Planning
March - Spring Plans
August - Fall Plans
October/November - Evaluation of Year

Hanna in Bloom may undertake various fundraising efforts in order to promote the Communities in Bloom program within the Town of Hanna or to complete identified projects.


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