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KidSport  KidSport  

The KidSportTM mission is to overcome the financial obstacles that prevent some young people from participating in sport programs.  Through providing opportunities to participate in sport, KidSport promotes the values of:
1) Cooperation
2) Commitment to goals
3) Personal Excellence
4) Team Play
5) Fair Play
6) Self Esteem

Guidelines for Grants to Individual Athletes

  • Funding is for children from low-income families.
  • Applicants must live in Hanna or the immediate surrounding area.
  • Funding is only for activities that demonstrate a sustained sport experience with qualified instructor leadership.
  • Funding is to pay for registration fees for sport programs.
  • KidSportTM will only issue funds to recognized organizations on behalf of the individual athlete.
  • There is a maximum amount of $200 per calendar year per athlete.
  • Only children ages 18 years and under are eligible.
  • The Fund Distribution Committe will endeavor to process applications within 30 days.
  • Cheques will be sent to the sport organization within 2 weeks of the approval.
  • Nt all applications may be funded due to financial constraints.

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