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Family and Community Support Services  Family and Community Support Services  

The purpose of Family and Community Support Services (F.C.S.S.) is to facilitate the development of programs and services that enhance, strengthen and stabilize family life. F.C.S.S. promotes volunteerism and encourages cooperation and coordination of other agencies within the community. Programs are developed through direct input from the community and suggestions and ideas are welcome at any time.

Hanna Family and Marriage Program
This program offers relationship and family counselling and is made possible through the cooperation of Hanna Family and Community Support Services and Hanna and District Agricultural Society.  To help cover par of the counselling fee, the Hanna Family and marriage counselling program offers a subsidy for eligible people.  Eligibility is determined by your income and is assessed by the counsellor.  Please look at the attached brochure for contact and more information.

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