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Adult Recreation  Adult Recreation  

What is Adult Recreation?
Adult Recreation is an organized drop-in sport/activity set up for adults.  They are meant for adults to get out, be active and have fun.  Sportsmanship, participation and most importantly FUN is central to the ethos of Adult Recreation Leagues. 

What Organized Adult Recreation Options are in Hanna?
Ball Hockey

Who can attend?
Open to all Adults whether you live here or are visiting.

Basketball - Mondays
Badminton - Tuesdays
Ball Hockey - Wednesdays
Basketball - Thursdays
Walking - Every day
Please check the Events Calendar to find out times.

How Much:
$5 drop-in fee unless you are a Gold or Silver Passholder and then the Adult Drop-In is free.

Adult Drop-In will break over the holiday season mid December to January 10th or thereabouts.

Note:  Proper footwear must be worn at all times. 

For more information about Adult Recreation  contact the Community Services Programmer.

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