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Health Care  Health Care  

The Hanna Health Centre encompasses Acute Care, Continuing Care, 24-hour Emergency, Community Care, Public Health, and other related services.  The facility accommodates minor surgical procedures, medical, obstetrics for low risk mothers and babies, and palliative care.

Programs & Services

Acute Care Beds = 18 Obstetrics
Continuing Care Beds = 49 (includes 1 Respite Bed) Assisted Living Beds = 12  
24-Hour Emergency  Occupational Therapy 
Community Care  Palliative Care 

Pastoral Care 
Diabetes Education Perinatal Bereavement Program 
Diagnostic Imaging (X-RAY)  Physical Therapy 
Dietary Counseling Public Health 
Home Care  Speech-Language Pathology 
Laboratory Services  Volunteer Resources 
Mobile Mammography Mental Health 

The Hanna Community also boasts a medical clinic, optometrist, denturist, chiropractor, 2 dentists and registered massage therapists.

Ambulance The Hanna Ambulance and Medical Society is a non-profit society providing Ambulance Services and a Physicians Clinic for Hanna and the surrounding districts.  The service has a five-member board.  The ambulance service presently has 12 active Emergency Medical Technicians and 6 active Emergency Medical Responders.  The Hanna Ambulance also has ties with numerous First Responders (E.M.R.'s) in the outlying areas belonging to Dryland Emergency Medical Services Association (D.E.M.S.A.).  The E.M.R.'s from D.E.M.S.A live in the rural areas and are called on by the Hanna Ambulance Staff or community members to provide rapid response and stabilization of patients, prior to the arrival of the ambulance in the remote areas served.  The Hanna Ambulance Service covers an area of approximately 3500 square miles and averages 500 calls, including transfers to other facilities, each year.

Public Health Services (Health Unit)
Public Health Nursing includes services such as well baby immunization clinics, travel clinics, prenatal classes, new baby home visits, breastfeeding support, school immunization programs, community nutrition, sexual health, and much, much more.  Book and video rentals are also available on baby and child development, and many other topics, free of charge.

Dental Health Services offers cleaning, fluoridation, oral hygiene and dental sealant clinics.
Environmental Public Health provides food safe courses, and bacterial and chemical water testing.

Community Care (Home Care) offers a variety of services for individuals in their home setting, including nursing, personal care, respite care and referral to other services and programs.

Speech-Language Pathology identifies, assesses and treats many communication disorders and is available both through school and in our clinical setting.  For more information on public health programs contact the Hanna Community Health Centre at 403-854-5236.

Acute Care
Hanna Health Centre has been serving the health needs of this community and the surrounding rural population of East Central Alberta since 1922.  The Acute Care facility has 18 beds that accommodate minor surgical procedures, medical care, obstetric services for low risk mothers and babies, and palliative care.  The outpatient department is utilized for after clinic hour care, surgical procedures, intravenous medication administration and 24-hour emergency care staffed with a registered nurse.  The majority of Hanna's registered nurses are additionally certified in:  Advanced Cardiac Life Support, Trauma Nursing Core Courses and Neonatal Resuscitation.  The Hanna facility is a training hospital for many schools in Alberta.  Students in Medicine, Nursing, Dietary, Physiotherapy and Ambulance all can do practicum training in Hanna.

Continuing Care
Hanna Continuing Care has 61 beds; 49 Long Term Care, one of which is used for respite care, and 12 Assisted Living beds.  The aim is to provide the best quality of care to the residents and to provide the community with whatever needs arise such as Geriatric Day Care or Night Care.  The vision is healthy people living in health communities.  The Recreation department has a wide range of activities and programs designed to suit the needs of the residents.  The programs range from large group activities such as bingo, birthday parties, tea socials, down to individual activities such as hand massages, card games, and one-on-one conversations.

Mental Health Clinic
Community Mental Health Clinics provide clinical community based mental health services to individuals of all ages who reside in the province of Alberta.  Treatment services from the various programs are provided free of charge.  Services offered at the Hanna Community Mental Health Clinic, David Thompson Health Region includes:  Assertive Outreach, Adult Therapy, Child and Adolescent Program, Geriatric Program.  For addition information regarding the services offered at the Hanna Community Mental Health, please call 403-854-5276.

Physical Therapy
Physical Therapy is the assessment and treatment of musculoskeletal, neurological and respiratory conditions.  Treatment may include the manual therapy, modalities, education, exercise or any combination of the above.  The Hanna Physical Therapy department employs two full-time physical therapists, as well as two part-time therapy assistants.  All physical therapists have a four-year university degree and are licensed with the College of Physical Therapists of Alberta.  The department provides services in Acute Care, Continuing Care, Outpatients and Home Care.

Laboratory Services
On-site analysis for a broad spectrum of tests can be conducted at Hanna's Laboratory.  The lab is open from 8:15 am to 4:15 pm for routine outpatient services and lab staff is on call for emergent services after hours and on weekends.

Diagnostic Imaging
The Diagnostic Imaging department at the Hanna Health Centre offers a wide range of services.  The facility provides general radiography, mammography, ultrasound, ECG and other cardiac monitoring services to the physicians and one chiropractor within our community.  As well, physicians to the northeast (Castor, Coronation and Consort) utilize our services.  The DI department serves non-emergency patients for general x-rays and ECG's from 8:15 am to 4:15 pm, Monday to Friday.  Staff is on call for emergent services after hours and on weekends.

Nutrition Services
The Clinical Dietitian offers individual guidance and coaching on all aspects of nutrition and associated diseases on an outpatient and inpatient basis.  The dietitian and the diabetes education nurse work together, teaching the foods component of diabetes care, to name one of the many programs offered by this department.  The dietitian also works in continuing care to assess and monitor the ongoing nutrition status of the residents.

Hospital Auxillary Rummage Sale
The Town of Hanna and David Thompson Health Authority salutes the Hospital Auxiliary for their endless volunteer and financial support to the Hanna Health Centre.  The bi-annual rummage sale and other fundraisers enable them to purchase equipment that is critical to the facility and the well being of all residents of Hanna and district.  Some of the purchases they have made in the past include: chairs, beds, blanket warmer, TV's (with free cable to in-patients) patient lifts, etc.  The rummage sales are held each spring and fall.

 Contact Info  

Hanna Health Centre
904 Centre Street N
Phone: (403) 854-3331

Ambulance Emergencies: 911

Hanna Medical Clinic
104 Fox Lake Trail E
Phone: (403) 854-3351
Monday to Friday
8:30am to 4:30pm

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