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Community Center  Community Center  
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The Town of Hanna operates the Hanna & District Community Centre located at 503 - 4th Street West.  This facility can accommodate a small or large gathering of people depending on your requirements.  For weddings, meetings, stage productions, dances, etc. please feel free to contact the Town Office for your booking needs.

Please note the capacity limitations for the Community Centre.  These limits are the total occupancy of the building including caterers, bartenders, etc.  Anytime that the renter wants to exceed the occupant limit they are required to apply for a Special Events Permit which can be downloaded using the link on the left side of this page.  Submit this permit to the Town Office and the Fire Chief will follow up with you.

The Town of Hanna requires renters to obtain insurance coverage for events in Town facilities that are being rented to the public and where alcohol is served.  A minimum $2 million dollars commercial general liability is required.  Contact your local insurance agent for coverage and quotes.

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Rates  (effective Jan 2013)
Entire Facility   $560.00 per day 
Auditorium $60.00 per hour   $396.00 per day 
Stage $15.00 per hour $50.00 per day 
Large Meeting Room $30.00 per hour $135.00 per day
Crafts Room $15.00 per hour  $50.00 per day
Bar   $50.00 per day
Kitchen $40.00 per hour $115.00 per day 
Barbeque   $30.00 per use
Soft Drinks   Current pricing applies

* Weekend bookings:  include use of the facility until 12:00 noon on Sunday, if available.
* Facility rentals where alcohol is served are required to provide liability insurance coverage for their event.

Additional Charges for weekend bookings:     

Set Up Fee
(After 5:00pm the night before booking)  

Take Down Fee  
(Up to 3:00pm the day after the booking)   
Extra Clean Up Charge    $50.00 per hour

Booking Deposit
(Applied to Rental Charges)   

Service Groups:   
1 Meeting per Month   $270.00 per year 
2 Meetings per Month   $540.00 per year


Interior Photos  Interior Photos  
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Stage & Dance Floor  
Seating & Banquet Areas  
Seating Area & Bar  
Banquet Area  
Community Center Nov 2006 005.jpg
Craft Room  
West Meeting Room  
 Quick Facts  

Legal Capacity Limit:
Standing: 640
Seated: 433
44 Tables that seat 8: 352
*Round tables are 60"
450 Chairs: (do not leave building)

*Recommended to contact your Insurance Agent regarding purchasing Party Alcohol Liability.

* NO Rose Petals or Glitter for Table Decorations

Large Meeting Room:
80-90 people in rows of chairs or
50-64 people at tables

Craft Room:

Premix Pop:
20 litres - 5 gallons
* No Jiggers
* Some Diet pop kept at facility
* Extra Cannisters store in cooler
Coffee Purcolators:
100 cup perks: 3 available
50 cup perk: 1 available
Table Top: 1 Microphone on it
Stand Up: Microphone holder on it
* Corded Microphone
* Portable Microphone
* No Cassette
Microwaves: 2
Gas Ovens: 2
Plastic cups can be ordered with your liquor order
It is acceptable for family to run the bar, as long as the Liquor License Law is followed.
Portable Stairs:
* Available from the caretaker
Movie Screen:
* A portable screen is available from the caretaker.
*  A 15' stationary screen is mounted.
Gas BBQ:
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